Megavision Pathology Lab in Pune is outfitted with the completely robotized and modernized Pathology lab in Pune with the most recent and advanced equipment. We provide accurate results for all the pathology services in pune & diagnostic tests in Pune. We give our clients the best Pathology services in Pune to ensure that the clients are fit and healthy. We have a group of qualified and experienced pathologists in Pune and experts employed in every area in Pune such as Hadapsar, Sangamwadi, and Kothrud, etc.

Megavision Pathology Lab in Pune provides all major pathology tests in Pune such as blood tests, Lipid Profile, Diabetic Test, Calcium Test, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D test, Urine Test, Thyroid Test, etc. We also provide home pickup facility. Mega vision Labs in Pune has NABH affirmed Pathology lab in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

  1. Histopathology
    •  Renal pathology ( Medical renal diseases, Renal transplant).
    • Gastro intestinal pathology (GI).
    • Breast Pathology.
    • Lymphoma.
    • Dermato Pathology.
    • Neuro Pathology.
    • Urologic Pathology.
    • Gynaec Pathology.
    • General Surgical Pathology .
  2. Immunohistochemistry (IHC)
    • Breast cancer predictive markers (ER,PR,Her2/neu, Ki-67).
    • Soft Tissue Tumor Panel.
    • Neuroendocrine Tumors.
    • Metastatic Tumors (unknown primary).
    • Undifferentiated Small Cell Neoplas.
    • Cell block with IHC.
    • Infectious Diseases:  Viruses (CMV,BK POLYOMA) .
    • Lymphomas .
  3. Frozen section
    • Oncology specimens for margins, sentinel nodes, primary diagnosis.
    • Liver transplant.
  4. Direct Immunofluorescence (DIF)
    • Renal biopsy.
    • Skin biopsy.
    • Opthalmology.
  5. Cytology with Cytospin
    • FNAC.
    • Urine Cytology.
    • Brushing.
    • Washing  .
  6. Gynaec exfoliative cytology ( Conventional PAP smear / Liquid base cytology).
  7. Special stains
    • Bacterial (Gram, AFB, Others).
    • Mucin.
    • Fite Farraco for leprosy.
    • Reticulin.
    • Congo red for Amyloid with polarising microscopy.
    • Fungus (GMS).
    • Iron.
    • PAS.
    • Elastic.
    • Trichrome.
    • All Others.
  8. Hematology .
  9. Biochemistry.
  10. Clinical pathology.
  11. Microbiology & Serology.